Openings issues

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Dear participants and interested,
First of all: Thank you for your understanding and positive feedback to our online classes! I hope you have made some interesting creative developments with the help of our art teachers and their enormous efforts.

 But it’s almost time. We’re allowed to open starting from June 1st!

 Covid 19 safety measures
We are very happy to may receive you again. We have made a video where you will be able to see how we will be working. The rules will also extensively be explained here. We request you to read these rules; it’s quite a read, but crucial that you have read these through:

Reservation mandatory
A crucial safety measure is that everyone has to make a reservation. Please do not come to the studio without registering via our booking system, because we are not allowed to let you join. To streamline this process, everyone has to register up front per lesson. We use a digital booking system. You can find instructions and an instruction video on our website under Frequently Asked Questions which explains how to register an account and how to book a session or course. There are 2 different videos with instructions: 1 for students and 1 for participants of the Open Studio Life Drawing sessions. 

 Info for participants to our courses
All students from the current Januari-Juni 2020 season have received an extensive email containing important information about their course, which will start again from June 2nd at our studios. If you have not received the email as a student, please send an email to

Former “Strippenkaart” open studio model will become a pre-paid package
The formerly known “Strippenkaart” will be replaced by a pre-paid package in our new system. All info regarding this can be found on our site. If you have any questions regarding the balance of an old “Strippenkaart” used for Open Studio Model or questions how to book, visit the frequently asked questions page on our website.

 Parting of Rob’s activities
‘An end will come to “Drawing”,  something I did with much joy, during the Open Studio Life drawing sessions, together with you. As facilitator and participant of the Open Studio Life drawing courses, I, together with you, have experienced the fine art of observing. I found it to be an inspiring and pleasant way of working together, with focus on the model. I have led these sessions for 12 years. I will now take a step back so I can focus on spending extra time on my own work. It has been wonderful, it has been enough. I thank you for your trust.’
Rob Loos
We will thank Rob for his years of effort alongside our colleagues and invitees

Extra sessions open studio life drawing + online sessions
Amber Moonen en Jiri Jilma will take over Rob’s sessions on Friday. We will start offering 2 sessions per day on Friday starting next week!
It has also come to our notice that the Thursday evening ZOOM sessions are being greatly appreciated! We will keep hosting these!
With that, our studio will offer 5 weekly sessions each week, the week schedule for the open studio life drawing sessions will be:

  • Tuesday morning from 10.30 to 13.00: 1 long pose, either dressed or undressed. Facilitator: Ruud Ritsma.
  • Wednesday evening from 20.00 to 22.30, short poses, undressed. Facilitator: Ruud Ritsma.
  • Thursday evening from 19.30 to 22.00: inspiration evening model, alternating theme. Draw along via ZOOM at home. Facilitator: Joeri Léfevre.
  • Friday morning from 09.00 to 11.30: short poses, undressed. Facilitator: Amber Moonen.
  • Friday afternoon from 12.00 to 14.30: same pose and model for three weeks in a row. Facilitator: Jiri Jilma.