Basic drawing and painting from observation and photography

This course is for English-language participants.

In the basic year, you will deal with all the basic principles by studying from observation and from photography. You will start drawing anything and everything in your immediate surroundings, with the possibility to use ink and acrylic paints. By working on specific assignments you’ll investigate what constitutes an image. The lessons will be given by Jim Harris, a native English artist.

He teaches with passion and leads you to study particular aspect, such as form, composition, colour and space. 

Catching up or follow just some lessons preferably? It's possible, with flexcard.

How, for example, to get the right proportions or form down on your paper? How to work with light and shadow in a drawing? What’s possible with colour in a painting? Or, how to create the suggestion of spatial perspective? In this course, you’ll learn more about all this and also be introduced to work after a photo.

The basis course starts twice a year, once in February and again half of September. After you have done the first half year, you can continue on the same time in the second half year to follow the other lessons of the basic year.


De hoge en lichte ruimten ateliers zijn gelegen op het Westerdok in centrum Amsterdam, tussen het IJ en de Jordaan, op 8 minuten lopen van Amsterdam Centraal.

Ateliers Westerdok

Westerdok 318
1013 BH Amsterdam
T: 020-4210151


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