Programs provided by international Masters and special artists for both beginners and more advanced levels

In an inspiring environment on the Westerdok, close to Central Station Amsterdam, Ateliers Westerdok offers beautiful, spacious and light studios. Ateliers Westerdok is a cultural meeting place where various activities are on offer. Anyone interested in learning to paint and draw is welcome at the studio. There is a wide choice of courses for beginners and the more advanced under the guidance of contemporary artists.

One of the programs we offer are our Masterclasses. These are workshops, provided by international Masters and special artists who offer a special technique or method. Both beginners and advanced and artists can find inspiration here, learn techniques and acquire skills. So you do not have to be a Master yourself to participate in this, but you want to get to know and practice the working method of a Master.

February 28 & March 7, 2021

Rosemin Hendriks

(Self-) portrait of picture

June 26 % 27 & October 4th, 2020

Elka Oudenampsen

painting on large canvas from a collage

August 10, 2020

Anja Tchepets

painting interiors

February 21 & 28, 2021

Juul Kraijer

exploration of charcoal by drawing life model

Coming in 2021

Glenn Vilppu


Coming in 2021

Glenn Vilppu

Portrait & Clothed Figure

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Mandatory reservation

Because of the Corona safety measures, Ateliers Westerdok is now set out with with fixed workplaces and walking routes to guarantee the 1.5m distance rule.

In the studio on the quayside, 14 workplaces have been prepared, with  11 in the studio on the sidestreet, so that we can   use the studio within the maximum number of participants (30 people, including models and teachers / leaders). Each workplace, marked with a cross on the floor, has its own easel, table and chair.


Everyone must register in advance per lesson

For more information about our measures regarding Corona, click here.