Masterclass Rosemin Hendriks

Self portrait | 2 or 4 day Masterclass

In this two day masterclass, you will be inspired and guided by Rosemin to come up with your own work based on a photo of yourself or a model or a topic of your own choice.

After an introduction by the artist about her own work and inspiration plus a short film, you start working on a photograph. 

You select one of the photos taken. An A3 print of it is used for setting up your drawing in charcoal or pencil. Then, using your imagination, you begin to interpret in your own way the different elements that make up the picture.

During the next day you continue work on your drawing. You can, if you wish, bring along a number of pictures of things that inspire you (in terms of shape for example). You can perhaps choose to integrate some their elements into your own drawing. Also, you can use a number of supporting colours to accentuate certain elements.

Rosemin Hendriks


Rosemin Hendriks’ self-portraits represent a boundless journey through the many characteristics that are part and parcel of the artist. You always recognise a work by Hendriks, but what you see is also enigmatic. The artist usually takes a photograph as a starting point and then translates her self-image into a drawing. This then takes on a life of its own. Her hope is to be carried away by the drawing.  Almost unexpectedly another woman emerges. Hendriks continually reinvents herself.