Masterclass Anja Tchepets

painting interiors | 5-day Masterclass

In this Masterclass (in English) you will be questioning how we see and think, how we are using colors, forms, surfaces, edges, layers, composition, and pictorial space.

Anja will start the Masterclass by showing pictures of her own work and explain the way she works by observing, reflecting and responding to get her ideas into a piece of art. After this introduction she will get you started by inspiring and questioning you to make your own interiors to paint.

The focus is painting from direct observation, however we will also be using photographs and reproductions. Through working on your own paintings during this Masterclass you will learn how colors interact, how to craft a painting by exploring techniques for paint application. You can either make one painting on a big canvass, or paint a series of several studies. Oil paint and acrylic paint are both welcome to use. Beginners and advanced are welcome.

Anja Tchepets


Much of Anja Tchepets art is very much inspired and supported by her experiences of different places and by her travels. Her paintings are personal recordings of things that she would like to keep a memory of.
Anjas paintings of interiors is an inventory of spaces that matter to her. While working on the painting, places turn into atmospheric stages and become life of their own.

A personal style of painting of Anja Tchepets was developed by working a lot in printing medium – from classical ones such as woodcut, etching and some experimental approaches (working with self made stencils, rulers etc).

Often series are being produced: paintings of Russian interiors of post Soviet times; prints and paintings of ghetto life in New York City, artist books of her various journeys; moving images/animations for musical staged performance, and the most recent portrait series of her encounters.

“I am working in different mediums – painting, drawing, print art, moving pictures and artist books. The latest is the medium where I feel at home the most, where I feel that my art is coming to a completion. A format of a book allows to tell a story and to use / to combine different mediums. I like sensation of a turning page, feeling of a surprise of what is coming next. ”

Born and grown up in Soviet Union, Anja Tchepets received classical art training in an art high school in Leningrad. Immigration to Canada followed with continuation of art studies in Art and Design College in Montreal. After graduation, Anja Tchepets moves to Berlin and continues her studies in Academy of Fine and Applied Art, Kunsthochschule Weissensee.
Several years in New York City followed, where she was working as a fine art artist and freelance illustrator.
Currently she lives and works partly in Berlin, partly on numerous art residencies in Germany and abroad.

Anja Tchepets work has been shown and collected internationally.