General terms and conditions – June 2020

1 – These general terms and conditions apply to all workshops and courses offered by Ateliers Westerdok foundation drawing and painting, lectures, films, workshops and other public activities for adults, hereinafter referred to as ‘session’.

Reservation required
2 – In order to participate in the activities mentioned under 1, registration is required in any case. Participants who have not made a booking in advance cannot be admitted to the studio.

3 – Participants can register via the booking system stated on the website To book a session, the participant creates their own account. By completing and submitting the registration form electronically, participants undertake to pay for the registered session. Even if they are not present at the meeting due to circumstances. Payment must be made immediately upon booking. Payment for the session can be made by transferring the amount due directly via the website with Ideal, Paypal or Credit Card.

4 – The registration of the session is only final after receipt of payment. The registration takes place in order of receipt of the received bookings with payments. The participant is placed with the receipt of the registration, which will be done by e-mail

Available spots
5 – Due to the Corona measures with the requirement to observe the 1.5 meter distance rule, among other things, a limited number of spots are available in the studio. If the Corona measures are adjusted, we will be able to expand the maximum number of spots to the then valid regulation.

6 – For the courses, two course seasons start each year; from mid-September to late January and then from early February to late June. Participants who register for an entire course have priority over booking the available spots over participants who book individual lessons with a Prepaid credit. Up to 2 weeks before the start of a course season it will only be possible to book for an entire course.

7- From 2 weeks before the start of a course season and during the course season, it is made possible via the website for participants in a course to buy a Prepaid package, with which they can book the spots still available as separate lessons. When purchasing a Prepaid credit for courses, the validity and other specific conditions are described on the site.

Waiting list
8 – A maximum has been set per classroom to the number of participants who can participate in a session. The booking system makes it clear how many available workplaces are still available at the time of booking. If the maximum number of participants is registered for a course and the course is “full” at the time of registration, the participant can register for the waiting list. If there is a cancellation by an already registered participant, people on the waiting list will receive an ‘alert’ via email and / or text message. This alert is sent in order of the position for the waiting list. After the ‘alert’, the first person on the waiting list is given half an hour to book his / her session. If this has not been found within half an hour, the next registered person from the waiting list will receive an ‘alert’ to register within half an hour and so on.

9 – In case of insufficient registrations, the session will not start. In that case, Ateliers Westerdok will inform the registered participants thereof as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours before the start of the workshop or course. In that case, the paid course fee can be used at the option of the participant for other workshops courses or can be refunded.

10 – As long as the Corona measures apply, we will apply more leniency in refunds when canceling as described in point 11. Once these Corona measures are no longer in force, any form of refund will lapse.

11 – When a participant has Corona related complaints (cold, sneezing, fever, headache), the session for him / her cannot continue for that day. When you cancel for that specific day, 50% of the amount paid for that one lesson / session will be refunded in the form of a credit, provided that the cancellation is made no later than 24 hours before the start via the booking system’s own account. This credit is then valid for 6 weeks and can only be used at another comparable session (lesson for a lesson and Open Studio session for Open Studio session) where availability is available at that time and can be reserved via the booking system. If there is no availability of spots within the stipulated period, this refund will lapse.

12- A cancellation as described under point 11 can be done per session, with a maximum of 4 cancellations per course season / 4 months. If the complaints persist for longer, or if there is another reason for not being able to attend the lessons, no further refund as described in point 11 is possible. If no cancellation is made in time for the start of the meeting, or in the event of no-show, no refund is possible.

13 – Ateliers Westerdok has the right to make program changes that it deems necessary, the right to provide the session ‘online’ or digitally due to force majeure, and the right to engage others than the artists / teachers mentioned. If the engaged artist / teacher is unable to attend, Ateliers Westerdok will do its utmost to replace it in time. In the unlikely event that she does not succeed there, the participants are entitled to catch up on the lesson at a different time.

14 – Discounts are listed on the site or are given by Ateliers Westerdok via the participants’ account. If it is a promotion, specific conditions apply, which are stated in the promotion. No rights can be derived from the promotions.

Model contribution
15 – For the sessions that use a model, an extra contribution of € 5 per participant per session will be charged for the model pool, which is managed by Ateliers Westerdok on behalf of the participants. This additional contribution will be charged when booking the relevant session.

16 –Paper and other materials for the session are not included (unless otherwise indicated) and must be brought with you. Only paper is available in the studio. It is not allowed to take tools or materials from Ateliers Westerdok.
When registering, a general list of supplies is provided. For courses, the teacher will announce in advance which materials can be brought along for specific dates.

Participation Open Studio Life Drawing
17 – In order to participate in the Open Studio Life Drawing, a Prepaid credit or a single session must be purchased prior to the respective workshop. A participant is not allowed without a reservation.

18 – A Prepaid credit is personal order and not transferable.

19 – Prepaid workshop credit can be purchased at any time. A Prepaid credit for 10 sessions is valid for 4 months after purchase. A Prepaid credit for 20 sessions is valid for 6 months after purchase.

20 – The participant in the Open Studio Life Drawing is aware that the Open Studio Life Drawing rules’ apply to the implementation of the meetings and payment to the models. These regulations can be read at the studio and on the website.

21 – The studio is opened fifteen minutes before the start of the session.

22 – The participant declares to have taken the Covid measures of Ateliers Westerdok and to comply with the rules. A detailed explanation can be found on the website. If the participant does not comply with the measures, Ateliers Westerdok is entitled to refuse the participant access to the studio. In that case there will be no refund. If the participant is aware of a possible Covid infection and still attends a session, Ateliers Westerdok can recover any damage from the participant concerned.

23 – Ateliers Westerdok is not liable towards the participants and / or any accompanying persons for (the damage as a result of) loss, accident, illness, theft or other events during or as a result of the session.

24 – The participants must handle the materials / utensils provided by Ateliers Westerdok carefully. If damage to the materials / utensils arises as a result of improper or careless use by the participant, the participant will compensate the damage of Ateliers Westerdok.

25 – Ateliers Westerdok is in no way responsible for workpieces, materials or possessions left behind by its participants.

26 – The participant is aware that what he or she made during the meeting, can be used for publication purposes of Ateliers Westerdok, such as displaying a photo of the work in a brochure, the website or other media. The participant hereby waives any right to mention the name.

27 – During the lessons / meetings Ateliers Westerdok is entitled to take photos for the purposes described under point 26. At the time of photography / filming, this will be clearly communicated to the participant present, so that participants who do not want to be photographed do not appear on the screen. If a participant objects to taking or publishing a photo of him / her or his / her paper, the participant will notify this prior to the relevant meeting, or at the latest when the photos are taken. No objection can be made after publication.

28 – It is not permitted for participants to make photo and / or film recordings that can be used for the promotion of activities other than those for Ateliers Westerdok.

29 – Ms AP Verdult-Bruinenberg, as the founder of Ateliers Westerdok, holds the copyright to the format of the concepts for courses, workshops and meetings developed by her and mentioned on the website. Without the prior permission of Ms. Verdult-Bruinenberg, it is considered a copyright infringement if these formats are used, including the execution or in any way the execution of these formats by third parties.

30 – Prices mentioned on the website or in brochures are subject to change.

31 – The legal relationship between the Ateliers Westerdok foundation and its participants is governed by Dutch law. Disputes arising from this agreement will only be submitted to the competent court in the district of Amsterdam.

June 2020