Free drawing and painting with individual guidance



In these classes, you work on your own goals in drawing and painting. The relevant teacher will be familiar and experienced in various areas, both as a teacher and as a practicing artist. Her or she will advise you on any technical questions and will support your individual development. The individual guidance is combined with group assignments. In short, you will receive customised support in which development and implementation is the key.

The meetings are suitable for advanced students who want to work more independently, as well as for semi-advanced students who want to tackle a particular technique or topic. Some experience in the field of Visual Arts (drawing, painting, photography etc.) is a plus, but not a prerequisite. Personal motivation is just as important. Participants who want to build a portfolio for any art related follow-up study are also welcome. However, if you want to learn basic skills in drawing and painting, then follow the foundation year or follow-up year.

There is a lot of freedom and opportunity to concentrate on a specific subject. You can, for instance, spend a number of classes on a single piece or a series of works. 

In addition, there are also ongoing shorter assignments, if you would prefer to work on something else. Although under the guidance of the teacher, who is available to discuss any questions you have and to give feedback, you will be given as much space as needed to create your own art. The customised support ensures that each participant can openly do his or her “thing”, without becoming too restricted or lost.

The classes frequently begin with a brief introduction about an artist, art movement or technique, occasionally based on a current exhibition at that time.

As a participant in one of these groups, you will have the opportunity to take part in a group exhibition once a year.  Your work is then exhibited at Ateliers Westerdok for about 4 weeks. You are welcome to invite your friends and acquaintances to the opening of this exhibition

There are several sessions offered every week, each led by its own art teacher with their own point of view. You can choose to sign up as a regular weekly participant or follow individual sessions using your Pre-paid package.

work made by students of free drawing and painting from observation – Wednesday morning

werk van deelnemers vrij beeldend werken vanuit inspiratie, verbeelding, traditie en abstractie – donderdagavond

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Because of the Corona safety measures, Ateliers Westerdok is now set out with with fixed workplaces and walking routes to guarantee the 1.5m distance rule.

In the studio on the quayside, 14 workplaces have been prepared, with  11 in the studio on the sidestreet, so that we can   use the studio within the maximum number of participants (30 people, including models and teachers / leaders). Each workplace, marked with a cross on the floor, has its own easel, table and chair.

Everyone must register per lesson in advance via our booking system. For more information about our measures regarding Corona, click here