drawing course

for those who wants to specialise in drawing

In this course, you explore the possibilities within the medium of drawing in a playful way. You explore the boundaries of drawing and beyond.
Every lesson, you work from an assignment, with varied and diverse drawing materials. Sometimes you draw from perception, sometimes from the imagination or in an abstract way. Using examples from contemporary, but also classical drawings, you get a broad understanding and under-pinning of what it really means to draw. You try to broaden your own possibilities and expand your capabilities. By trying new things, you get ever closer to your own core strengths and abilities with regard to drawing. Everybody follows their own process: sketches, very precise and detailed drawings, drawing with loose and wild lines, contrast built from deep layering, drawing with colour or in black and white,

drawing at very large or very small scale, collage, drawing with spots or lines; these are just some examples of the variety of techniques that is covered in the lessons.

In addition to technique also comes experimentation, interpretation, imagination, creating your own unique and interesting image whilst evaluating its significance.

This course is suitable for intermediate and advanced students. Each season, the lessons are adapted to the group. You can join the course several times and develop your skills with whilst setting ever new challenges.

Below work made by our students.

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Because of the Corona safety measures, Ateliers Westerdok is now set out with with fixed workplaces and walking routes to guarantee the 1.5m distance rule.

In the studio on the quayside, 14 workplaces have been prepared, with  11 in the studio on the sidestreet, so that we can   use the studio within the maximum number of participants (30 people, including models and teachers / leaders). Each workplace, marked with a cross on the floor, has its own easel, table and chair.

Everyone must register per lesson in advance via our booking system. For more information about our measures regarding Corona, click here