Covid 19 update November 2020

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Yesterday evening’s Press Conference by the government revealed a tightening of the regulations surrounding COVID 19.  For the next two weeks we will have to close from 22.00 tonight. For amateur art practitioners, it is not possible to meet with more than two people in the next two weeks, due to the prohibition on group formation (from a maximum of four to two people). There is an exception to the prohibition on group formation for activities of youth associations (up to the age of 17). The Kinderakademie classes can therefore continue.

The measures will take effect on November 4 at 10 p.m. and will last until November 18. It is expected to go back to the partial lockdown of 14 October 2020 from November 19, 2020. All measures can be read clearly on the website of the National Government. 

What will the next 2 weeks look like? 
* KidsAcademy: The lessons for children continue according to schedule in the artstudio.
* Open Studio Model sessions: All sessions for the next 2 weeks will be canceled. Participants who have already registered have received an email about the cancellation via the booking system.
* The lessons from the course program 
The weekly lessons for adults continue on the normal lesson times, but via a live stream. For this, Bart Verdult will be present in the studio every lesson to support the relevant teacher in the live stream. The registered participants will receive an instruction / explanation by e-mail with a link to the private ZOOM session.

Hope to see you again in good health!

Warm wishes,
Sanne Verdult