Covid 19 measures

Because of the Corona safety measures, Ateliers Westerdok is now set out with with fixed workplaces and walking routes to guarantee the 1.5m distance rule.

In the studio on the quayside, 14 workplaces have been prepared, with  11 in the studio on the sidestreet, so that we can   use the studio within the maximum number of participants (30 people, including models and teachers / leaders). Each workplace, marked with a cross on the floor, has its own easel, table and chair.

Mandatory reservation

Everyone must register in advance per lesson. We have introduced a  new igital booking system. On the site under FAQs  you find explanations and instructional videos on how to book a lesson or session . When booking, you can see in which studio space your lesson is planned.

If you have symptoms (cold, sneezing, fever, headache, inability to taste or smell), you may not  join the lesson. You may  cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance. Please keep this in mind  , as we can then offer the cancelled places to someone on the waiting list.

Preparations at home

  • Make sure you have all your own things with you. We no longer can  lend out materials! A basic set can consist of some pencils, charcoal and kneaded eraser.or your own paint and brushes. Don’t forget to bring a roll of masking  tape to stick your paper on an easel. During   booking you will find details of what materials to bring.
  • Bring your own work apron or wear  some old clothes that you don’t mindgetting dirty . We no longer lend out painting aprons.
  • Paper is still available and will be prepared by the teacher or leader. We only offer paper per set for 2 euros. A set of 50 X65 cm. consisting of 6 pieces of sketch papers or 3 pieces of white papers. A set of 70 X100 cm. consisting of 4 pieces of sketch paper or 2 pieces of white paper.
  • Our fair trade coffee,  costs 2 euros . Tea from the teapot is free. You may not though take or pour it yourself. The teacher will pour this in a disposable paper cup that you can throw away after use. Feel free to bring your own thermos flask or teacup .
  • Please make sure you have a number of 2 euro coins with you to deposit in a money jar for the coffee and / or paper. There is no cash machine! You can though  pay online with a QR code at the studio.
  • If possible, please use your own WC before coming to the studio, to keep use of the lavatories to a minimum.

On arrival at the studio

  • Know which studio your lesson is planned in and which entrance door you should use:
  1. The entrance for the Atelier on the water side is at the front: Westerdok 318, Amsterdam
  2. The entrance for the Atelier on the side street is on the side street of the ateliers: Winthontstraat 13, Amsterdam
  • As a minor  / student you should come to the lesson / course alone. Parents / guardians / partners etcetera should wait outside the studio.
  • Please be on time so that staggered entry is possible.
  • The teacher will ask  whether you have symptoms (a cold, sneezing, fever, headache). If you have one or multiple symptoms , we regret you may not  join the lesson.
  • If a teacher / facilitator is sick or absent owing to illness, another teacher / facilitator may take over   the lesson / meeting. In extreme cases, the session may  be moved to another time. You will be notified of this via the booking system.

Inside the studio

  • Please wear a mask upon entering and while walking through the studio
  • Please  wash your hands when you enter the studio. There is 1 sink per studio space that is used for hand washing and cleaning materials; the other sink remains closed. There are cleaning products next to this sink. There are plastic gloves at your disposal (their use is not obligatory ).
  • There is a permanent workplace for everyone in the class. These positions  are marked with a black cross on the floor. You may walk to a free workplace via the black dotted lines.
  • You may change the positioning of your easel and your table differently within your workplace, but you may not change your workplace itself (the cross) because of the permanent layout consistent with  the 1.5-meter distance rule and walking route.
  • Please hang your jacket on the back of your chair; there is currently no coat rack.
  • Please disinfect your easel, table and chair before and afterwards. The cleaning products for this are available per workspace.
  • The doors are currently kept ajar  for more ventilation (the existing extraction system is not air conditioning).


  • Please put the easel, table, chair back into the correct place, according to the studio-plan.  The tables and chairs belong in the box with, the white corners and  the easel goes back into  the square with grey  corners.
  • Please disinfect your easel, table and chair before and afterwards. The cleaning products for this are available per workspace.
  • Please take all  paper home afterwards or the teacher will collect and dispose of them after the lesson.

General Corona measures

  • Please keep 1.5 meters apart
  • Sneeze/cough in your elbow
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • If you you have a cold? Then please stay at home

We trust  that with these measures we can provide a safe workplace for you and for us, and we can fully focus on our creative development.