Courses for adults

We offer the following courses:

Level: Beginner

Foundation year

The foundation year is made up of two half-years and deals with all the basic principles. By working on specific assignments you investigate all the elements of an image.
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Level: intermediate

Follow-up year

n this follow-up year, the course emphasises the various techniques and approaches used when creating visual art.
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Level: intermediate / advanced


For everyone whom want to specialise themselves in drawing.In this course you examine in a playful manner the possibilitiesof the medium Drawing.
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Level: intermediate/ advanced

Model and portrait

The allround course for portrait- and modeldrawing and -painting.This course focuses on drawing and painting your interpretation of perception.
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Level: advanced

Free drawing and painting

In this sessions you work on your personal view in drawing en painting. You make your own work with personal guidance and tuition of the teacher.
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Level: beginners and advanced

Mix of techniques

In this course you wil be inspired and taught to develop your own creativity. You will have your own experiment in relation to drawing and painting.
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Ateliers Westerdok offers a variety of drawing and painting programs to both beginners and more advanced levels. We have on offer a wide range of different courses with professional guidance from specialized art teachers. Here you can develop your creative skills and knowledge about art in an informal, personal atmosphere – and produce surprising new work!

Number of lessons
Each half year you can register for a course of your choice and follow a full number of 16- 18 lessons. Also, you can start any time with a Pre-paid credit for 10 lessons.
The full annual program of the basic year consists of 6 modules, each containing approx. 6 lessons – 38 lessons a year altogether. You can enrol with just 3 modules per half year. The lessons are given by various art teachers in predetermined modules.
Every half year a new season starts in early February and again in mid-September.

The foundation year is suited for beginners or those wishing to follow a proper refreshment course. In the years’ course all the basics of drawing and painting will be offered. You will be taught by different teachers – each in a module of 6 lessons – who teach image aspects such as form, composition, colour, space, shape, and the human figure.
After the foundation year, you can follow the follow up year or take one of the other courses.
Those solely interested in drawing or painting with a model could start straight away with the course ‘Drawing’ or ‘Model & Portrait’ or ‘Mix of techniques’ under the guidance of one art teacher. You can follow these courses several times.

Free drawing and painting under personal tuition is suited for participants who know de basicskills and want to study deeply a specific subject, theme or technique in a individual and personal way. There is no lessonplan.; learners will be taught on weekly basis and have the same art teacher, interfered with guestlectures. This cours is perfect for lifelong learning. Ateliers Westerdok also provides a platform for an annual exhibition of amateur artists’ work.

The starting point of every course uses contemporary teaching in craft and technique, but there is always room for personal interpretation too. The art teachers are professional artists with competence and experience in teaching. In the courses, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your drawing and painting techniques under individual guidance. You will work individually within the group, with personal guidance from the art teacher. During lesson discussions, you will get inspiring feedback from both the art teacher and fellow students.

Although the main language in most of the classes is Dutch, English-language students are welcome; all our art teachers will talk in English in the personal explanation and guidance. Especially for English participants, we offer an artclass in English on Wednesday evening. Some Masterclasses are also given by English-speaking art teachers.