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Dear participants,

It is well known that the cultural sector is being hit hard because of corona and the measures involved. You may hear positive reports in the news that the government is setting up a lot of support package to help entrepreneurs or the cultural sector. But there is also a group that is left out. Unfortunately Ateliers Westerdok is also one of them.

With pain in my heart, I have to inform you that I have had to cancel the rent of the studio on the Westerdok at the landlord Urban Resort. This step is not a decision I want, but it follows from impotence. I am stuck because of the lack of sufficient support packages from the government and an increasing rental debt to my landlord. In December it turned out that there is no perspective on how to solve the resulting financial deficits in solidarity and the situation has become untenable.

No studio as of 1 February

As a result of the termination of the rent, both educational foundations that are housed in my studio will have to find a different solution for the future. After providing art education in Amsterdam for 23 years, no new six-monthly course season will be started at the studio from February. For the time being, we will continue digitally. Last Friday it became clear that the studio can be vacated on 1 February, so that further increasing debt to the landlord will be limited.

February- March: short courses with online lessons 

The range of courses and lessons from Ateliers Westerdok and the Kinderakademie are offered online in February and March with short workshops of 6 weeks of lessons.

The range of workshops for adults in February and March can be found here:

Lessons for children start from February 1 with 6 online lessons. See:
New offerings will follow from April, whether online or not. If the lockdown is over, private workshops of up to 6 participants can be offered in the private studio of the teacher in question.

Urgent call: pick up items left behind from Monday 25 to Wednesday 27 January between 10.00-16.00

You may have left drawings or paintings or other items in the studio. You can pick it up Monday 25/1, Tuesday 26/1 or Wednesday 27/1 between 10.00-16.00. Please also wear a face mask upon entry. We take turns letting people in, so you may have to wait outside if someone else is just in front of you. From Thursday 28/1, all items that do not go to storage will be taken to the landfill. If you cannot be present these coming days due to force majeure, you must arrange someone else to pick up your belongings.

Interested in stuff from the studio? 

During clearing, leftover items that are not going to storage will be taken to the dump on Thursday. You may be interested in art books, used tools, leftover material, rags, Ikea cabinets, drying rack, wooden folding easels (without drawing boards), protective aprons, wooden chairs, curtains, wooden cabinets, still life objects, etc. If you are interested in the selection we offer you can pick it up between Monday and Wednesday, whether or not against a donation. You don’t have to ask for our easels, drawing boards or drawing cabinets, etching press, etc., because they go to the storage.

Prepaid credits for courses 

The current course season, from mid-September 2020 to the end of January 2021, ends this week and has been conducted by the teachers, in the studio and during the lockdown via online lessons. For most participants who took this season’s lessons with a Prepaid credit, the same end date applies, so that lessons with the credit could be booked until the end of January. If you have a Prepaid credit that is still valid after January 31, you can contact us via email 

Prepaid credits Open Studio Life drawing 

Participants for the Open Studio Life drawing sessions who still have a Prepaid credit for the period in which no workshops were allowed to take place due to the lockdowns, are asked to understand the financial situation and to bear this loss of credit for their own account. If you have a credit and want to be compensated, you can contact us via 

Upcoming Wednesday evening January 27, I will speak to the City Council. Politicians are asked to help with the financial damage and to help find a solution for a possible future. The coming period will have to show whether, how and where the studio can be restarted.

As soon as it is known what new possibilities there are for the studio, this will be informed in a new newsletter.

So now no definitive goodbye, and hopefully we will see you online in the coming period.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Kind regards,
Sanne Verdult